Archaeologia Cambrensis VOL. XCV. PART I. JUNE, 1940. THE LEVELINUS INSCRIPTION. By PROFESSOR IFOR WILLIAMS, D.Litt., F.S.A., F.B.A. MANY attempts have been made from the seventeenth century onwards to solve what Dr. Macalister has called the "fascinating puzzle" of the Levelinus inscription of Pentrefoelas. Westwood1 and Bezant Lowe2 have given a full account of the stone, and of the different readings proposed by various scholars, and so there is no need for me to repeat the story here. Hübner3 does no more than give Llwyd's version in Gibson's Camden, p. 686, a work which I cannot consult at the moment. This is repeated with a slight difference of detail by Westwood, from whom I quote:- "Ego Joh de tin i Dylev Kuheli Leuav Fford cudve Braech i Koed Emns Leweli op priceps hic hu The translation given by him of this weird version is as follows "I, John of the House of Dyleu Gwydhelen, on the road to Ambrose Wood erected this monument to the memory of the excellent Prince Llewelyn." Mr. E. W. B. Nicholson, Bodley's Librarian, suggested a new reading in 1909:— IN XRISTO + EST PRO HOC LAPIDE IN BAL EMR[YS] FORTITUDINE BRACHII CE[LE]BR[IS] LEWELINUS PRINCEPS NORTHW[ALLIE] 1 Lapidarium Walliae, pp. 201-2. 2 The Heart of Northern Wales, pp. 161-6. 3 Inscriptiones Brit. Christianae, p. 86.