JffltsceUanea. A Bronze Mount FROM BRAICH y Dinas, PENMAENMAWR.—During quarrying operations on Penmaenmawr Mountain, two or three further finds have, this year, been brought to light. One, that of a bronze mount, is of more than usual interest. Mr. F. Dunbavand, the quarry foreman, is keen in seeing that all finds are as far as possible preserved and handed over to the owner, Mr. H. Wat kin Darbishire. The bronze mount fell down with material from the overburden (surface material) in the Bronze Mount from Braich y Dinas. position about 100 feet S.W. of Hut Ei, and 100 feet S.E. of the cairn nearest the hut, marked on my plan of Braich y Dinas in Arch. Camb., December, 1923. The find spot would approximately be where 50 is given on the scale at the foot of the Plan, Fig. 1, op. p. 243. The altitude is about 1,420 feet. Many finds may be overlooked, as the rock is being loaded with a four-cubic-yard electric shovel. Immediately the find was made, Mr. Dunbavand spent several hours searching the ground, so the chances of finding any other portions of the vessel, to which the frag- ment belonged, are remote. Mr. Darbishire, with his usual kindness, has allowed the object to be forwarded through Mr. Ivor E. Davies to me for identification. The mount consists of a fragment of cast bronze a few inches in length, in plan curved, giving an original internal diameter of 5,5 inches. Along one edge are seven