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BEUNO SANT.1 REV. A. W. WADE-EVANS. 1. A man of lineage2 there was formerly in Powys in the place, which is called Banhenic,3 near a river which was called at that time Sabrina (at this time it is called Hafren, Severn), and the name of that man of lineage was Bugi,4 and his wife was called Beren,5 daughter of Llawdden.6 They were guileless persons and good their lives, and the commandments of God they did in every way that they could without any evil in the world that could be set against them. And they had no son as heir, and they were aged persons so that there would be no children to them ever, for they had spent the greater part of their time. And sleeping together they were these twelve years without a carnal occasion between them, and that by agreement between them both. 2. On a day, whilst they were conversing, they saw an angel coming to them with his raiment as white as snow, and saying to them, Be glad and pleasant, because God has heard your prayer." And then the angel said to the man, Let there be (said he) carnal connection to-night between thee and thy wife. And she shall have conception, and from that conception a son will be born to her. And he will be honourable before God and man." And as the angel bade them, so they did. And conception Beren had that night. And from that conception there was born to her a son. And on that son was imposed for a name Beuno.7 3. And they nursed the son until it was time to put him to learning. And then he was sent to a saint who was in Caerwent.8 The name of the saint was Tangusius.9 And his parents gave him, and that by agreement. And with that saint he was, through God's help, learning until he knew all the Holy Scripture. After that he learned the service and the rules of the Church. And he took orders and was a priest. 4. And then Ynyr Gwent10 took note of him. A king he was in that place, humble and chaste and generous and doing [God's] commandments in everything. And he received him honourably and kindly and gave him a gold ring and a crown, and surrendered himself a disciple and a monk to Beuno Sant, and gave him three share-lands11 in Ewyas,12 and all the people who were on those share- lands and all their worldly goods.