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A Monthly1 Magaz Edited by W. G. WILLIAMS (GLYNFAB) No. 6. APRIL, 1892. Price ONE PENNY. NOTED MEN OF WALES. Dr. 3osepb parry?, Carbift ,R. Parry was born at Mer- thyr Tydvil, on the 21st of May, 1841. About the middle of the present century the condi¬ tion of the industrial class of this country was far from favour¬ able, and parents were therefore com¬ pelled by circum¬ stances to set their children early to work. No Educa¬ tion Act was then in force, and as soon as a lad was able to work, he was-sent to assist in filling the family exchequer. Such was the lot of the subject of our sketch, for at nine years of age he was employed in the Cyfarthfa ironworks. In the year 1854, his parents were in¬ duced to leave the land of their birth, ""d to make a new "~- west." "^ between 13 and 14 years of "• his impressions of his DR. JOSEPH From a Photograph by home for themselves in PARRY, CARDIFF. J. Harrison Goldie, Sivansca. native land could but have been im¬ perfect. The family settled at Danville, and he was soon busy at work in the rolling-mill, and one may be easily ex¬ cused if he does not favour such a spot as a nursery for a in 11 s i ci a n . 13 u t, favourable or not, from that noisy, rumbling rolling- mil], emerged a Doctor of Music. As, a boy, we are told, he did not evince any particu¬ lar aptitude for music. He regu¬ larly attended sing¬ ing class at the chapel, and quickly mastered his part under the guidance of the conductor. But, in about four years after settling at Danville, the " coming greatness cast its shadow." A gentleman, Mr. John Abel Jones, was in¬ duced to organize a music class for the benefit of the young men of the rolling-mill; the class met on Saturday afternoons, in his