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FOURTH SERIES,—No. XIV. APRIL, 1873. LOVENTIUM: ITS GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION, AND REASONS FOE ASSIGNING IT TO LLANDOVERY. The establishment of the Cambrian Arch^olomcal Asso- ciation in 1846 happily proved the cause of renewed and -greater care being paid to the Roman antiquities of the Principality, and much light has since been thrown upon the subject by several of its members, whose re¬ searches have been recorded in many valuable papers which have appeared in the Avchceologia Cambrensis, as well as by the public attention which has been aroused to the further discovery and preservation of such remains, in the meetings and excursions of the Association which have taken place in various parts of Wales and the marches thereof. The late Hev. H. Longneville Jones made these anti¬ quities a most special subject of unwearied research. He also enlisted the services of other members to con¬ tribute towards the formation of a Cambria Romana. Amongst the latter I undertook the exploration of the district around Llandovery, in the counties of Brecon, Cardigan, and Carmarthen; the result of which is partly embodied in the following pages, the publication of which has been urged upon me by Sir Gardner Wil¬ kinson and other friends, and which are open to correc¬ tion and revision by more competent antiquaries. 4th skb., vol. iv. 8