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IrtjUMrlHjiE Caitttoeii THIRD SERIES, No. XV.—JULY, 1858. LETTERS OF EDWARD LHWYD. (Continued from p. 389, Vol. III.) Oxford July 20. 1701(7?). Dear Sr 'Twas long after ye date y* ye Anglesey carrier delivered your obliging Letter of May the twenty ninth & since I had it I have been most of my time in Wiltshire with an old Vulpone, who has talked these seven years of contributing a very large Colection of natural Rarities to ye Museum and of settling some small salary upon't; but what he'll do time must shew. I have had an opportunity of discoursing with Mr Simon Loyd, on my return some months since through Oxf'd about Hengwrt study but he assured me Mr Vaughan had left an Injunction in his will that no Book should be lent any one til his son came of age, and I have lately applyd myself to Sr Wm Williams but he (though one of my subscribers and otherwise my good friend) is not willing to have anything transcribed out of his Manuscripts; but offers the reading of them in his house provided I'll promise him on my word not to transcribe anything out of them; but to tell you the truth (under ye Rose) tho I should live under the same Roof with him I should be loath to spend my time so idly. I desire you not to mention this to any one, for I have since writ to him desiring the perusal of any one he pleased of four or five Books wch I nam'd, and perhaps he may a little alter his Resolution. I hope you took some account of Hengwrt study. I once had a sight of it, and took account of as many of ye old Parchment Books as Mr Grif. Vn Mr Howel's unkle shew'd me : but had not time to run over the paper manuscripts. By Mr Wm Maurice's ARCH. CAMB., THIRD SERIES, VOL. IV. 2 H