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VI PREFACE. We have endeavoured to obtain access to the ori¬ ginal MS. at Aberpergwm ; but in consequence of the absence of the possessor (a minor), and the closing of the library, have been unable to do so. It may, how¬ ever, be stated that this MS. is believed to be not older than the middle of the sixteenth century; and that an account of it, by Mr. T. Stephens, will be found in one of the earlier volumes of the Archwologia Cambrensis. As an introduction, we have printed two papers by Mr. Aneurin Owen : one being the original preface, or sketch of a preface, which he drew up apparently for the Monumenta Historica; the other, a letter to the late Henry Petrie, Esq., of the Record Office, containing additional observations upon the Welsh Chronicles. We have preferred giving these two papers to making any observations of our own, as being sufficiently full and satisfactory, and also as an act of justice to the memory of one of the most dis¬ tinguished of Welsh antiquaries. We would only add, that we conceive this Chronicle requires critical examination and annotation, and that it is worthy of the careful attention of all members of our Association. R. W. H. L. J. February 12, 1863.