gu'ctedtffia €mhmxm* FIFTH SERIES.—VOL. XVI, NO. LXII. APRIL, 1899. FLINTSHIRE GENEALOGICAL NOTES. BY ERNEST ARTHUR EBBLEWHITE, ESQ., F.S.A. {Continued from p. 120, vol. xv.) XXX.—HANMER {continued). Among the Lay Subsidy Polls of the Court of Exche¬ quer, now deposited in the Public Record Office, is one marked |§J relating to the County of Flint: it consists of thirty-one membranes in a fairly good state of preservation, and is thus headed :— " A Duplicate of all the Fire Hearthes and Stoves within the County of Flint, delivered in by the Com'is- sioners .... money to His Ma'ties Justices of the Peace for the said countye of Flint at the Generall Sessions of the Peace houlden at Flint in the said countie vpon Thursday the Tenth day of January An'o R' R/s Caroli s'c'di, Dei gra' Anglie &c, decimo octavo, &c." The Roll is attested by the Commissioners Peter wraith and Charles Jones, and countersigned by Henry Lewis, Clerk of the Peace for the County of Flint. Jjoth Commissioners had sealed the return, but the seal of Charles Jones has been broken off. The Griffith seal is a heraldic one, and shows a shield charged with jj chevron between three boars' heads couped. The blowing system was adopted in the return. The 5th bbb., vol. xvi. 7