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|irdtaee(0gta CamlrreitBis. FIFTH SERIES.—VOL. XV, NO. LX. OCTOBER 1898. GLIMPSES OF ELIZABETH AN PEMBROKE¬ SHIRE. BY THE ItEV. JAMES PHILLIPS. {Continued from vol. xiv, p. 323.) III.—The Story of the "Jonas". On the 18th of April, 1577, the good ship Jonas sailed from " Coningsbo rough in Pruseland" for Lisbon. She was a vessel of 160 lasts (280 tons) burden, and was owned by a small company of Konigsberg merchants : her captain, Herman Rung, holding one share—a fourteenth. The greater part of the cargo was corn,— 56 lasts of wheat, and 40 lasts of rye. About half of this belonged to an Antwerp merchant, whose factor, Bernard Jourdain of St. Malo, was on board. William Sarson, an Englishman living at Konigsberg, had shipped eight large cables for Botolph Helder, of Lisbon. There were also two " bere barrylls" of gunpowder belonging to a Konigsberg dealer, and a " great hundrethe" of clapboards (timber for casks), the property of the company. The Jonas had a fairly good voyage, for on the evening of the 9th of May they were off the Cornish coast. About six o'clock next morning, when she was passing between the Land's End and Scilly, the crew 5th seb., vol. xv. 20