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FIFTH SERIES.—VOL. XV, NO. LIX. JULY 1898. NOTES ON BORDER PARISHES. No. II.—WINFORTON. BY MRS. DAWSON. The small village of Winforton anciently formed part of the Marches of Wales, and in Domesday was included in the Hundred of Elsedune, though subsequently it was placed in the Hundred of Stretford. Finally, in the reign of Henry VIII, an Act of Parliament was passed by which Winforton, with other parishes, was united to the county of Hereford, and incorporated into the newly-formed Hundred of Huntington. In Saxon times Winforton was a " waste", and formed part of the lands of Earl Harold, but at the Conquest it passed into the possession of Ralph de Todeni, under whose ownership the lands were tilled, and an agricultural community established thereon ; so that at the time Domesday Survey was made, Win¬ forton, together with the neighbouring parish of Willersley, could boast of a population consisting of seventeen " bordarii", or cottage tenants, three " liberi homines", or free men, and eight " servi", serfs or slaves. As Lord of Winforton, Ralph de Todeni appears to have granted the manor to the family of Mucegros, and Blount states that Roger de Mucegros held it in the time of the Conqueror. The Mucegros family seem to 5th ser., vol. xv. 14