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FlFTfT SERIES.—VOL. XIV, NO. LVI. OCTOBER 1897. SLEBECH COMMANDERY AND THE KNIGHTS OF ST. JOHN. BY J. ROGERS REES, ESQ. (Continued from p. 228.) V.—Concerning some of the Donors. (1) If our readers will refer back to the Schedule of the Possessions of the Hospitallers, they will find the name of Robert (de Hwlfordd, lord of Haverfordwest), son of Richard Fitz Tancred (castellan of Haverfordwest under the Earl of Clare). This Robert was an unmis- takeable product of his age. He not only gave lands to our Knights, but founded and liberally endowed the priory of Black Canons at Haverfordwest; and in this direction appears to have been a most admirable man. Fenton, filled with the story that Richard Fitz-Tancred often took food to Cradock the hermit, who had his cell near Haroldstone, considers that from such chari¬ table missions, " we perhaps may date the zeal he, and his son Robert after him, manifested for the cause of religion"} This was the Robert who, when time hung heavily on his hands, used to pay a visit to Whitland and plunder the monastery there : who, in fact, made himself so infamous by his conduct that Bishop Peter 1 Pembrokeshire, p. 231. 5th seb., vol. xiv. IK