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FIFTH SERIES.—VOL. XIII, NO. III. OCTOBER 1896. NOTES ON THE FORTIFICATIONS OF MEDIAEVAL TENBY. BY EDWARD LAWS, ESQ., F.S.A. (Continued from p. 192.) cuhtain between bastion f and bastion g (thk square tower). Figured in Norris, Plate 25. This piece of wall is 105 yards long, 21 ft. 6 ins. high outside, and 20 ft. 6 ins. inside. The outside is now (1896) so screened with ivy and shrubs that it is diffi¬ cult to make much out of it. Near the square tower is a garderobe, the only one existing in the wall. Apparently the introducers of this innovation feared it might in some way weaken their defence, so they protected this unsavoury point of attack with an oillet in the wall, just below. On the inside of the wall is a very fine fragment of the arched walk, the arches running 15 ft. 8 ins. high, and 11 ft. across. bastion g (the square tower). Figured in Norris, Plate 25 ; Arch. Camb., Series II, vol. iv, p. 126. This tower differs so essentially from all the others that it may safely be put down as an insertion, and we 5th ser., vol. xiii. . l£>