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ItfctaflJtfjgia Camlrr^ujiis, FIFTH SERIES.—VOL. XIII, NO. LI. JULY 1896. NOTES ON THE FORTIFICATIONS OF MEDIAEVAL TENBY. BY EDWARD LAWS, ESQ., F.S.A. The military architecture of Tenby, extant and re¬ corded, falls pretty clearly into five periods :— 1. Such works as were in existence before Tenby was a walled town. These are on the Castle Hill, and were perhaps erected in the twelfth century. 2. Towers, gates, curtains, encircling the town, pro¬ bably built by Earl William de Valence in the last quarter of the thirteenth century. 3. Additions to and enlargements of the thirteenth century work by Earl Jasper Tudor, 1457. 4. Elizabethan restorations, 1588. 5. A few unimportant alterations made between 1643 and 1648. Notwithstanding the chronological adaptability of these buildings, it will perhaps be advisable to con¬ sider the gates, bastions, and curtains in the order they occur on a plan of the town, so that their original form may be discussed, and attention duly drawn to alterations and insertions. In reconstructing the forti¬ fications of Tenby we can hope for no assistance from map-makers, for the earliest existing plan was drawn m 1811; and though the whole town is included, Cor¬ poration property only is dealt with in detail. 5th ser., vol. XIII. 12