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FIFTH SERIES.—VOL. XIII, NO. L. APRIL 1896. NOTES ON BORDER PARISHES. WHITNEY CHURCH. BY M. L. DAWSON. The village of Whitney lies on the south-western borders of Herefordshire, and at the time of Domesday was included in the Hundred of Elsdune, but was nevertheless considered to be in the Marches of Wales until the reign of Henry VIII. An Act of Parliament was then passed by which Whitney, together with other neighbouring parishes, was united to the county of Hereford, and incorporated into the newly-formed Hundred of Huntington, " having hitherto been part of the Marches of Wales/' The present church stands on the right of the road leading from Hereford to Hay, and is a comparatively modern edifice ; but the original church was situated to the left of the road, near the ferry, on the banks of the river Wye. No record remains to tell ns when or by whom it was erected, nor have we even any architectural proof from wThich to judge of its probable date, for it was washed away in the great flood of 1735, and its site now lies beneath the Wye. In the absence of any evidence to the contrary we may fairly assume that it owed its origin to Eustace de Whitney, the first Norman lord of Whitney, or one OTII SEKj, VOL; XITI. 6