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FIFTH SFRIES.— VOL. X, NO. XXXVIII. APEIL 1893. THE CHI-RHO MONOGRAM UPON EARLY CHRISTIAN MONUMENTS IN CORNWALL. BY ARTHUR G. LANGDON, ESQ. The number of stones bearing the Chi-Rho monogram in Great Britain is very limited, as compared with that in other countries, there being only nine examples at present known to exist, or to have existed, viz. :— England (Cornwall). Parish. Place. Phillack . . .In gable of south porch of church St. Just-in-Penwith (2) . In the church Formerly at St. Helen's Chapel, Cape Cornwall (now missing) Southill . , .In Rectory garden Scotland (Wigtonshire). Stoneykirk . . .In the old burying - ground of Kirkmadrine (2)1 "A drawing of a third stone [at Stoneykirk] has been preserved by Dr. A. Mitchell, in the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, but the monument itself is unfortunately either lost or destroyed." Whithorne . . . Now preserved in the ruined church of St. Ninian2 1 Proc. Soc. Ant. Scot., vol. ix, p. 568; Stuart's Sculptured Stones, vol. ii, pi. 71. 2 Proc. Soc. Ant. Scot, vol. ix, p. 578; Stuart's Sculptured Stones of Scotland, vol. ii, pi. 78. 5th sek.,vol. x. 7