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FIFTH SERIES.—VOL. IX, NO. XXXIII. JANUARY 1892. THE CISTERCIAN ABBEY OF STRATA MARCELLA, MONTGOME RYSHIRB. BY STEPHEN W. WILLIAMS, ESQ., F.R.I.B.A. In May 1890 Mr. Morris Charles Jones, F.S.A., the Hon. Secretary of the Powysland Cluh, conceived the project of excavating the site of the ruined Abbey of Strata Marcella, situated upon the north bank of the river Severn, a short distance above Pool Quay Weir, and near to the main road leading from Welshpool to Oswestry. In 1871 he published in the Montgomery¬ shire Collections (see vols, iv, v, vi, and x) an account of this Abbey containing much of its history, and he spared no expense nor trouble in collecting the material then available ; but it is believed that further docu¬ mentary matter may be obtained by a careful search at the Record Office ; and there are in the muniment room at Wynnstay one or two unpublished charters which it is hoped may some day be printed in the Arch. Camb., when the issue of original documents in our quarterly Journal is resumed. The author of this paper was invited to inspect the site of the Abbey, and on the 23rd of May 1890 he did so, and the Report which was then prepared appeared in "Archaeological Notes and Queries", Arch. Camb., July 1890 (5th Ser., vol. vii, p. 249). At that time not a vestige of the Abbey was visible above ground ; the 5TH 8J3U., VOIi. IX. J