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gjtrcta0t0|p €minnm. FIFTH SERIES.—VOL. II, NO. VI. APRIL 1885. THE CELTIC ELEMENT IN THE DIALECTIC WORDS OF THE COUNTIES OF NORTH¬ AMPTON AND LEICESTER (Continued from p. 32.) ANGLO-CELTIC. Lace, to beat (N.) Lowh, to beat, to thrash (N.) Lag, to loiter, to flag (N.); Sans. laghu, weak, mean; Prov. Sw. lakk, loose, limp Lair, corn which is beaten down in one direction is said to be laired (N.) Lash, juicy, rank (N.), S.; lush, id. (N.), S. Lathy, thin, slender, as a lath of wood (N.) ; Du. lot, Germ, latte, lath Lawn, laand, an open space in a chase or forest fN.) ; Fr. lande, a wide, untilled plain; Germ, land CELTIC. W. llachio, to beat ; llach, blade, stroke; Corn, lace, lak, to slap, to cudgel W. Hag, Corn, lac, loose, sluggish ; W. llacau, to become loose, to droop; Corn, lacca, to faint; Arm. lug, slow, lazy ; Ir. Gael, lag, Manx, lhag, slack, loose Ir. Gael, lar, the ground ; Manx, laare, ground, floor ; W. llaior, Corn, ler, floor, ground, earth Ir. Gael, lua, water ; 0. Ir. lus, gl. ibhe, drink, liquid (O. Ir. Gl.,101); Ir. Gael, luis, drink; lusach, drinker W. Hath, rod, wand; Arm. /as,perche. long baton, gaule; Ir. ladhar, fork, prong ; Sans, lata, branch1 W. llan, enclosure ; llawnt, smooth, rising hill, lawn ; Ir. Gael, lann for land, enclosure, house, church; Corn, laivn, clear, open; W. llaned, of a level and open surface; Arm. lanou, waste, level ground The diphthongal sound which the vowel has taken in lawn is a Celtic usage. "A, when long, sounds like 1 The Sans, lata means also a slender, graceful woman. 5th sek., vol. ii. 6