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FIFTH SERIES.—VOL. I, NO. II. APRIL 1884. NOTES ON THE OLDER CHURCHES IN THE FOUR WELSH DIOCESES. BY THE LATE Sie STEPHEN RICHARD GLYNNE, Baet. One result of the life-long devotion with which Sir Stephen E. Glynne pursued his favourite study of ecclesiology was a large collection of manuscript volumes containing his " Notes" upon more than 4,500 of the pre-Reformation churches of Eng¬ land and Wales. Of these, " The Notes on the Churches of Kent", 312 in number, were edited in 1877 by his nephew and heir, Mr. William Henry Gladstone, M.P., who has now also very courteously placed at the service of the Cambrian Archaeo¬ logical Association those relating to the churches of the four Welsh dioceses. Beyond their own intrinsic value, there is a special appropriateness in these " Notes" of our first President finding a permanent home in the pages of our Journal. From the earliest visit I have noticed in these MSS., viz., that to Beddgelert in "1824", down to Llangwyfan, in the Vale of Clwyd, viz., " March 28th, 1874", only a short while before his death, and probably one of the very last he made, we see that the " Notes" extend over a period of no less than fifty years, and that he must have begun his observations at the age of six¬ teen, when Pugin was only twelve years old, and the Manuals of Bloxam and Parker were as yet unthought of. These fifty years have never been surpassed in respect either to the awak- 5th seb., vol. i. 6