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^niuaU^h €mlnnm. FOURTH SERIES.—No. XXXIV. APRIL 1878. ON THE EARLY CHARTERS TO TOWNS IN SOUTH WALES. The addition to the original documents published in the Archceologia Cambrensis, of 'a selection from the early charters granted to towns in South Wales, renders it desirable that some account of their contents, and of the circumstances under which they were granted, should be given, with a view to elucidate the subject, and make it more acceptable to the general reader. Few of the early charters granted by the lords marchers are now to be met with. We know that cer¬ tain towns were incorporated ; but we know nothing of the contents of their charters. How numerous they were appears in George Owen's introduction to the Register Booh of Kemeys. Illegible by the burgesses of a later date, rendered obsolete, and superseded, by the more comprehensive terms of a modern charter, the greater number of the early charters have been destroyed or thrown aside as useless, and so lost. A few only remain in their proper place of custody, and a few are fortunately preserved by their recital in a later royal charter. The charters to towns held immediately of the crown, having been recorded on the roll, are still accessible. On these we must, therefore, chiefly rely in our selection. The charters to the privileged towns in North Wales 4th see., vol. ix. 6