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©riginal ^Bommmte.—I. ADD. ROLL 26,596., Brit. Mus. The account of Sir Edward Stradelynge, Chamberlain of South Wales, for the years 1431-3. 10 membranes, defective in parts, and the first part missing. It contains:— 1. His account for the County of Cardigan, 10 and 11 Hen. VI., with the names of officials (prepositus, provost, bedell, bailiff, auditor) of the several comotes, districts and towns (Kerwereres, Iscoid Issher Weryn, Gwynnyon Uchkere, Llampadern, Abberistrut, Cardi¬ gan, Maynorsulyn, Talsarun, Trephilian, Generglyn, Iskereyn, Dyhewed, Eruthyn, Hannyuyoti, Perveth, Mabwynn', Mevenneth, Gwasheynyt), the Bailiffs itinerant of Cardigan, and their predecessors, the farm of the two water-mills. 2. Fines of sessions for Counties of Carmarthen and Cardigan, 8 Hen. VI. 3. Subsidy of 400 marks each, granted by Carm. and Card., 8 Henry VI. 4. Fines for the same two Counties, 9 Hen. VI. The names of the baiiiffs, Reginald Roger and John Willy (Carmarthen town); Richard Vaughan ap Ris (Llam¬ padern). 5. Fines, 10 and 11 Hen. VI. Bailiffs, William Tanke, Lewis Goldsmyth (Carmarthen town); Res ap David ap Thomas (Cardigan). Total receipts 10 and 11 Henry VI, £2,188 12s. Id. Disbursements 6. Salaries of officials in Carmarthen Co.:— Sir John Skidmore, Constable of Carmarthen Castle, £10 p.a. His predecessor, Thomas Bradeston, 32 Ed. III. Res ap Thomas, Seneschall of Cantremaur, £6 13s. 4c?, pred. David Vaughan.