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FOURTH SERIES.—No. XII. OCTOBER, 1872. HISTORY OF THE LORDSHIP OF MAELOR GYMRAEG OR BROMFIELD, THE LORDSHIP OF IAL OR YALE, AND CHIRKLAND, IN THE PRINCIPALITY OF POWIS FADOG. BY THE CHEVALIER LLOYD, K.S.G. CHAPTER I. The ancient kingdom of Powys extended from Chester to Shrewsbury, including the western portion of the county of Salop, all the present county of Montgomery, the eastern portion of the county of Merioneth, all Den¬ bighshire with the exception of the lordships of Ruthin, Denbigh, Rhos, and Rhufoniog, and all Flintshire with the exception of the lordship of Tegeingl, or the country of the Ceangi. The inhabitants of the eastern portion of Powysland were called the Cornavii by the Romans, and those of the western portion the Ordovices, or the dwellers "Ar Ddyfi," or river Dovey. I cannot obtain any positive information when the tribe of the Cymry first arrived on the shores of Britain; hut we learn from Herodotus1 and the researches of Niebuhr, Prichard, and Rawlinson, that the native land of the Cymry, or Cimmerians, was on the north coasts of the Pontus Euxinus and Palus Mceotis (Sea of Azov), now included in the provinces of South and Little Russia and Podolia. The name still survives to the 1 Herod, i, 103. 4th ser., vol. in. 19