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FOURTH . SERIES.—No. X. APRIL, 1872. NOTES ON" SOME SOUTH WALES CROMLECHS. In a previous notice of some cromlechs in North. Wales, given in theArchcBologiaCambrensis of 1869, an opinion was expressed that at that period of time the question of the nature and original use of cromlechs might be considered finally and satisfactorily settled. It was, indeed, admitted that it was not impossible that there might still survive some disciples of the Druid-altar school, who had not yet been able to understand the arguments, or were unwilling to admit the conclusions, of those who are generally considered to have made out their case, namely, that this class of megalithic remains, whatever the variety of dimensions, form, structure, or other accidents, is simply to be referred to the sepul¬ chral usage of some very early race or races. The pos¬ sibility thus anticipated turns out to be actual fact; for not only do such individuals still exist, but some have undertaken to prove that what up to this time has been generally received as the satisfactory solution of a ques¬ tion so extensively and effectually ventilated, is simply an egregious blunder, that the premisses and deductions of those who hold a contrary opinion are inadmissible, and that it is high time that such erroneous teaching- should be replaced by sounder and more unquestionable doctrine. To show that this statement is not made without good grounds, it will be sufficient to allude to a book *TH SER., VOL. III. 6