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FOURTH SERIES.—No. III. JULY, 1870. SHERIFFS OF DENBIGHSHIRE.—No. III. {Continued from p. 117, vol. xv, 3rd Ser.) CHAELES II. 1660.—Edward Vaughan of Llwydiarth, Esq. This gentleman also served the office of sheriff in the previous year. He was in all probability a younger brother of Sir Robert Vaughan, Knt., and son of Owen Vaughan, Esq., sheriff in 1601. The elder brother, Sir Robert, left by his wife, Catherine, two children, Herbert and Cathe¬ rine. Herbert proved himself a zealous royalist, and was one of the prominent leaders in the king's cause in North Wales and the Marches. He was taken prisoner at Shrewsbury, on the 21st of February, 1644, when that town was betrayed into the hands of the parlia¬ mentary leader, Colonel Mytton; but subsequently he escaped, or was exchanged, for shortly afterwards we find him fighting by the side of that stout old royalist, Sir John Owen, in Caernarvonshire. In this skirmish Sir John was captured, but Vaughan and other leaders escaped.1 For his loyalty Herbert had his estates con¬ fiscated by Parliament; or, as Reynolds puts it, " for his loyalty to King Charles I he was ousted of his estates by his uncle, Edward Vaughan, who by a sus¬ pected deed claimed it." The uncle was a member of the Long Parliament at this time, and doubtless was 1 Cambrian Quarterly, i, 61, 71. 4th S1SB., VOL. I. 12