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FOURTH SERIES.—No. II. APRIL, 1870. CATALOGUE OF THE HENGWRT MSS. AT PENIAETH. (Continued from p. 378, vol. xv.) 224. Various articles relating to the Marches of Wales, and the court at Ludlow. This MS. contains, also, a copy of Dodderidge's " Discourse or relation of the ancient and moderne estate of the Principalitie of Wales, Dutchy of Cornewall, & Earledome of Chester." Much of the volume is in the autograph of the antiquary, Robert Vaughan. Folio, seventeenth century. 225. This MS. contains,—1, The Itinerary of Wales, by Giraldus Cambrensis ; 2, The Topography of Wales, by the same author; 3, The History of England, by Henry of Huntingdon; 4, " Liber historie Anglorum contexts ab Henrico Huntendunensi Archidiacono"; 5, "Descriptio Britannise & Insularum adjacentium ex antiquis auctoribus"; 6, "Res gestae Rom. Imperatorum in Britannia, a Jul. Csesaris tempore, usque ad finem Imp. Theodosii Junioris"; 7, " Reges Brit, post defecti- onem a Romano imperio"; 8, "De Rebus in Cambria gestis et Regibus Cambr. prsecipue a Maylgwyn Gwyn- eth", which is continued to the year 1457, inclusive. I am quite unable to discover by whom this most valuable historical collection, which is all in Latin, was made. It is mostly in one hand, and the whole of it of the sixteenth century. In MS. No. 78, are a considerable number of pedigrees of Carnarvonshire and Anglesey families, which 4'TH SER., VOL. I. 6