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gxctotflfljgia €mhnnm. THIRD SERIES, No. LX.—OCTOBER, 1869. [The Editorial Sub-Committee have the pleasure of announcing to members that the following interesting Correspondence is pre¬ sented through the kindness of the Earl of Powis, who defrays the expense of its publication.] THE UNPUBLISHED CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN ARCHBISHOP WILLIAMS AND THE MARQUIS OF ORMOND. Of the following letters, twenty in number, each one, so far as I have been able to discover, is now printed for the first time. Seventeen of them passed between Archbishop Williams and the Marquis of Ormond, twelve being addressed by Williams to the Marquis, and five by the Marquis to Williams. These letters, and one other, written by Williams to Lord Bulkeley, are preserved amongst the Carte Papers in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and comprise, I believe, every letter of Williams in that famous manuscript collection which has not hitherto been printed. The earliest is dated November 22nd, 1643, and the latest April 8th, 1646. The remaining two letters, both written by Williams, and dated January 25th, 1645-6, are preserved amongst the Tanner Manuscripts in the same library. Williams' correspondent, James Butler, who became in regular course twelfth Earl of Ormond, and was ad¬ vanced to the dignity of Marquis, and eventually to that of Duke of Ormond, was born in 1610, so that at the period of this correspondence he was in the prime of life. In 1641, he was appointed Governor of Dublin, and in the following year he was raised to the mar- 3rd sek., vol. xv. 20