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^rrfcaMtogta tfamlrrmis. THIRD SERIES, No. LVIL—JANUARY, 1869. SHERIFFS OF DENBIGHSHIRE. The authority for the names of the sheriffs in the fol¬ lowing list, is an old MS. entitled " The Names of the Sheriffs of Denbighshire ever since the same became Shire Ground," preserved among the Harl. MSS. in the British Museum, and numbered 2,122. This list termi¬ nates at the year 1682. It has been compared with 1. A curious old Welsh MS., probably written about 1597 (the last sheriff mentioned in it having served the office that year), found at Gwaunynog in the last stages of decay. The document was styled " Llyma afv o sir- yddion yn sir ddinbech er pan aeth Kymrv yn dir Sir- oedd" (here are such as have been sheriffs in Denbigh¬ shire since Wales became a land of shires). This list has been published in the Records of Denbigh. 2. A list existing at Denbigh in MS., which appeared in a Welsh magazine called the Gwyliedydd (for 1828), edited by the late Rev. Walter Davies, and subsequently in the Records of Denbigh. This list, which comes down to 1828, will be followed from 1682 to that date, differs but slightly from the Harl. MS. The discrepancies will be noticed. In referring to the three lists, for the sake of brevity we shall call them respectively the Harl., Gwaunynog, and Denbigh lists. 3rd Slitt., VOL. XV. 1