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^tdtuola^h Camlrrrak THIED SERIES, No. LV.—JULY, 1868. ANCIENT INTERMENTS AND SEPULCHRAL URNS FOUND IN ANGLESEY AND NORTH WALES, WITH SOME ACCOUNT OF EXAMPLES IN OTHER LOCALITIES From. Notices lyihe Hon. William Owen Stanley, M.P., with Additional Observations by Albert Wat, M.A., F.S.A. On a former occasion, in describing the remarkable sepulchral deposit with cinerary urns, brought to light at Porth Dafarch, on the western shore of Holyhead Island, in 1848, the attention of archaeologists (of those more especially who devote their researches to vestiges of ancient races in the Principality) was invited to the deficiency of information recorded with sufficient preci¬ sion regarding interments of the earlier ages.1 During the interval of nearly twenty years that has elapsed since those observations were made, some progress has been gained in this particular department of antiquarian in¬ vestigation ; a fresh impulse has been given through the annual gatherings held in various districts by the Cambrian Archaeological Association; and the constant record, in their Transactions, of discoveries that have been made, has essentially contributed to stimulate greater energy and precision in the study of national antiquities. But much remains to be done. We have, indeed, emerged from that dim age of scanty information 1 Memoir, by the Hon. W. O. Stanley, on a sepulchral deposit in Holyhead Island. (Archceol. Journal, vol. vi, p. 226.) 3ttl) sew., vol. xiv. 1 5