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gjlrritralflgia Amhrtmik THIRD SERIES, No. LIV.—APRIL, 1868. BERW, AND THE HOLLANDS. It is upon record that Llewelyn ap Jorwerth, Prince of North Wales, used to hold his court at Aberffraw, in Anglesey, between the years 1190 and 1246. Be¬ sides being the ruler, he was the actual owner, according to the ideas of that time, of most of the land which he governed, subject to such grants as he or his predeces¬ sors had made of parts of it. Powerful nobles there were who, under such grants, held estates large enough to qualify them to rival their liege lord, but in few cases was their influence so used; faithful adherence was commoner than rebellious opposition, and these grants of territory tended more to strengthen than to weaken the hands of the prince. One important landowner was Llywarch ap Bran, Lord of Menai, a descendant of Rhodri Mawr, and the ancestor of many families in Anglesey. He lived on the brow above Plas coch and Porthamel, where still some ancient thorn-teees mark the spot, though nothing re¬ mains of buildings. Llywarch had a son Jerwerth. Mr. Henry Rowlands states " Jerwerth, who is always con- sidered as the eldest son of Llywarch, of the Menai, doubtless lived at Porthamel-ychaf; this Jerwerth was succeeded by his son Meredydd, and he also by Goronwy, who in his turn was followed by Meredydd the Black." 3rd see., vol. xiv. 7