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^rcftawltfjgia €umbnrtiin THIRD SERIES, No. LIL—OCTOBER, 1867. CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS A CARTULARY OF MARGAM. When Her Majesty's Government, at the instance of the Master of the Rolls, undertook to print a correct edition of the Annates de Margan, it was expected that the volumes would contain those charters relating to the Abbey, which form part of the Harleian collection in the British Museum ; and it was hoped that to these might be added those other charters, registers, cartu¬ laries, and Abbey documents, which exist in private hands. This expectation and these hopes have been disappointed ; but it is now proposed, in a small degree, to supply the deficiency, by the publication, in the Archceologia Cambrensis, of the Museum charters, and the reprint, with them, of a few documents from other sources not hitherto noticed in any account of the Abbey. Margam has met with less than its deservings at the hands of monastic antiquaries. It was a foundation of considerable wealth, eminent among the Cistercian monasteries, and the parent of other and distant com¬ munities. It shared with Neath the chief monastic in¬ fluence in Glamorgan, Ewenny being but a cell of Gloucester, and Tewkesbury, though rich in several manors and advowsons in the county, and in the tombs 3rd ser., vor,. xiii. '^