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gtrcltralfljpa dtamfrrmk THIRD SERIES, No. LL—JULY, 1867. EXTENT OF MERIONETHSHIRE. TEMP; EDWARD I. There was a large collection of miscellaneous docu¬ ments formerly in. the Chapter House, Westminster, which have been removed into the Public Record Office, and very lately brought into consumable order. They contain many things relating to Wales. Amongst them was found the following Extent of Merionethshire, which there are some reasons for attributing to the reign of Edward I. It is so dated in the list of records where the reference to it was found, and the writing is of that period ; but an experienced Welsh antiquary thinks it is of the first year of the reign of Edward II, because whenever, in records relating to Wales, King Edward is mentioned without his number being given, it is Ed¬ ward II. King Edward's name is only mentioned in the pass¬ age of the Extent respecting " Penmayne", which passage is in cedula (i.e. as a rider); and the King Edward there mentioned " anno primo Regis Edwardi primo", will be doubtless Edward II. But the cedula would not impro¬ bably be a postscript; and if so, the general body of the Extent may have been of the latter part of the reign of his father, Edward I. At one of the Annual Meetings of the Cambrian •3rd ser , vol. xiii. ' 14