324 NOTES ON THE PERROT FAMILY. Tenby, and Tregyn mershe (sic) in the county of Pembroke, into the king's hands, for the purpose of obtaining similar letters granting the same for the joint lives of himself and his late ward. Sir Thomas also makes himself responsible for the marriage portion of Jane, sister to Sir John Perrot. No. 9644. The account of Robert Price, of moneys re¬ ceived and spent in the suit of Sir John Perrot, and assigned by Sir John to follow his causes and suits, by way of process, both at the Council of the Marches and at common law. Dated Caermarthen, 3 Oct., 32 Eliz. (A book of six leaves.) No. 4314. (1590-91.) The account of James Prytherch and others of moneys received for the use of Sir John Perrot in accordance with letters from him dated at the Strand, 22 July, 1590, in which he requests £600 or £700 to be collected from his tenants and debtors, and to make up any deficiency from the iron chest in Carew Castle. Also an account of Thomas Lloyd of money sent, owing to letters of Sir Thomas, son of Sir John, directing him to deliver £500 to Nicholas Perd of London. Thomas Lloyd was to lose no time as Sir John had some payments to make to the queen and others. Also a further account of Thomas Lloyd of moneys sent in compliance with direction by letters dated York House, 36 April, 1590, which require £1500, also to be supplemented, in case of necessity, from the iron chest, to be sent vid Bristol to Mr. Philip Langley, through the hands of William Jones, of Hereford (sec) his servant, Henry Michell, and Richard Aprice. (This statement of accounts seems misplaced in this document, which consists of nine leaves of paper in good condition.) No. 15246. A note shewing of whom Thomas Lloyd and Roger Williams received the £1,500 above mentioned, and that it was sent to Sir John Perrot in May 1590. (Two sheets of paper.) No. 26334. An indenture made 12 Elizabeth, in which John God, merchant tailor of London, makes over to Sir John Perrot the parsonage of Laugharne. (In this document Sir John is described as late of Carew.) No. 26305. An inquisition held by Henry Adams, steward of the manor of Sir John Perrot, on the death of Richard Nashe of Great Nashe (sic). 30 Elizabeth. The yearly rent-roll of Sir John Perrot, of his property in Kemeys. (One membrane, printed.) No. 4463. Inventory of the goods of Sir John Perrot in Carew Castle, etc., 27 April, 1592. (Printed.) No. 4466. A book of the proceedings of Edward Donne, Alban Stepneth, Charles Vaughan, and Thomas Woodside, com-