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_______________/ THIRD SERIES, No. XLIL—APRIL, 1865. NOTES ON THE PERROT FAMILY. (Continued from p. 32.) The sole daughter,Mary, was the wife of Gryffyth White [of the family of the Henllan and Tenby Whites], who was of sufficient importance to have twice served the office of sheriff of the county. He had a second wife, Mar¬ garet, coheir of Thomas Watkins and Jane Adams. The mother of Jane Adams was Maud, the eldest daughter of Sir William Perrot; so that Gryffyth White was doubly connected with the Haroldstone family. Notwithstand¬ ing this he appears to have been one of the most active and violent enemies of the Lord Deputy; so much so, that he was committed to the Fleet for slandering Sir John, whence he was only released at the earnest inter¬ cession of the slandered person, probably on the ground of his relationship. The author of Sir John's life does not seem to have been aware of this family connexion. It is to this Sir Owen Perrot that the interpolations in Philpot's Stemmata tack on the name of Richard Perrot and John Perrot, of the Brook near Claymore, as sons. Another account also gives a son Owen, the first of the Oxfordshire line; but this must also be consi¬ dered as of dubious authority. It may also be noticed that, although the pedigree of the Herefordshire Perrots connects itself with the Haroldstone family through Thomas, the son of Sir Owen Perrot, yet it has borrowed the name of Owen, as if Thomas would naturally have 3kd see., vol. xi. 8