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_____________/ . THIRD SERIES, No. XLL—JANUARY, 1865. NOTES ON THE PERROT FAMILY. The name of Perrot, common in France under various forms of spelling, is not unknown in Ireland and exists in many parts of England. As it is certainly of French or Norman origin, it is not unlikely that it has found its way into this country from the adventurer who came in with the Conqueror. The name is given in the lists of Hollinshed and Leland; but there were probably humbler individuals of the same appellation, who found their way to this country in Norman or even later times. But whether the Perrots now remaining are to be con¬ sidered as descended from these later and more humble arrivals, or from the Perot whose name appears in the rolls, is a matter left for themselves to determine as well as they can. As far, however, as records can carry us, with the exception of a few who may be able to connect themselves with the Oxfordshire Perrots, there are pro¬ bably no existing male descendants of the ancient Per¬ rots of Kent or Pembrokeshire, or who can at least substantiate their claims. It is, indeed, not to be denied that the Peerage and Baronetage of Burke still continues to give as authentic the genealogy of the present baronet of that name, but which is in reality a tissue of mendacious absurdities. Fen ton, in his Appendix to his History of Pembrokeshire, alludes to what appears to be this same composition, but merely notices the introductory myths of Castle 3rd ser., vol. xi. 1