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tetania: (ftamitMim THIRD SERIES, No. XXXVL—OCTOBEE, 1863. SKER HOUSE, GLAMORGANSHIRE. On the sea-coast of Glamorganshire, not far from the ancient Castle of Kenfig, and the site of the old town, stands the House of Sker, which is here represented in an engraving. This mansion has been erected on the site, and embodies portions, of what was a large farming establishment of the Abbey of Neath ; some of the barns and out-buildings having till lately presented traces of work anterior to the Reformation. At the southern end of the actual house, as will be observed in the left hand corner of the engraving, the windows with foliage in the spandrils of the lights under the drip-stones, also seem of a period before the sixteenth century. The main part was probably put up after the property passed into lay hands; and much of what we see is not older than the time of Charles II. It is now tenanted by a farmer, and belongs to the Margam estate; but it was inhabited by gentry within record, and certainly was so in the latter portion of the seventeenth century. Natural causes and the encroach¬ ments of the sea have destroyed the trees and covered up much of the good ground which formerly met the eye here ; otherwise it would be difficult to conceive that the community of Neath should ever have erected large farming buildings in what is now such a remote and exposed situation. 3kd SEll., VOL. IX. 18