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Iiutefltojgia (Umbumte. THIRD SERIES, No. XXVL—APRIL, 1861. CASTELL Y BERE, MERIONETHSHIRE. In the year 1849, some notes relating to this interesting old fortress, with a rough plan of the castle, so far as it could then be made out, were published by our Asso¬ ciation.1 I have now to express my regret that those notes and the plan were then sent for publication, prior to the excavations which have at various times since been made within and about these ruins. They were then so overgrown with trees and brushwood, and covered with the debris of the fallen buildings, that the plan in several parts could be little more than conjec¬ tural. All that could be clearly seen above ground, were the walls of a large room, or open court, towards the west end of the castle, with a small rudely formed archway on the south side of this room, the walls of another smaller room adjoining, and several detached fragments of buildings in various other places, with a second small rudely formed archway, buried nearly to its crown. Not a fragment of worked stone, nor even of stone calculated for working, not a chamfered edge, was to be seen. Little did those who felt an interest in the ruins of Castell y Bere imagine, that it would turn out to have been, not only, with the exceptions, probably, of the 1 See vol. iv, p. 211. 3rd ser., vol. vii. 8