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THIRD SERIES, No. XXII.—APRIL, 1860. THE EARLS, EARLDOM, AND CASTLE OF PEMBROKE. No. VI. THE EARLS MARESCHAL. (Continued from p. 11.) V.—Richard Mareschal, Earl Mareschal, and of Pem¬ broke, succeeded his brother, 6th April, 1231. The new earl had lived much abroad. It is probable that, not expecting to inherit, he intended to settle in Normandy, and thus save the Norman possessions of his family; for, on his father's death in 1219, his brother, by charter in June, 1220, made over to him the lands for which Earl William the elder had done homage. No doubt the permission to hold lands under both crowns had been accorded specially to the late earl, who was feared and respected by the two monarchs, and we shall see that it was also extended to more than one of his sons. Richard ma}' have been an executor of his father's will, for, 8th December, 1222, he was sued by the sheriff of Bucks for the earl's debt. 5th September, 1226, the sheriff of Hants is directed to hold his lands, probably on occasion of his taking some hostile step in France. (Exc.eRot.F. I. 97, 147.) Upon Earl Richard's accession he was serving with France in Britanny, the very province in which Henry and the English were about that time ignominiously ARCH. OAMB., THIRD SERIES, VOL. VI. M