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frrjiffllfljia CaiEhr^tisis. THIRD SERIES, No. XIX.—JULY, 1859. LETTERS OF EDWARD LHWYD. ( Continued from p. 348, Vol. IV.) Oxf. St. Davids day Dear Sr 169f I am very much in yr debt but when my present business is off my hands; I hope to correspond with you more warmly. You needed not have sent up yr money so soon; for 'tis a hard case if I can not prevail to have one or two books at a subscriber's rate tho I come later than the time proposed. Yr ISS. were ac- acceptable; but whether I can get them into Camden or not may be question'd; for Mr. Gibson tells me now that they have not room for much additions; and that at his reviseing of all ye papers sent in, he must so dispose things as that the whole work shall appear uniform &c. wch is contrary to ye agreement we made at first with the printers, and for that reason Dr Edws would have me keep my papers, in order to print them apart. But since matters have gone so far, I am resolv'd they shall goe on for me, and therefore shall submit to their censure what I have collected. The kindled exhalation in Meirionydhshire is one of the most remarkable phaenomena I ever heard or read of. I conclude it is a meteor or ignite vapor, and not the effect of witchcraft, for that it has operated in the same method now for two months: viz a kind of ignis fatuus proceeding all most every night from ye sea shoor; and that continued along the sea coasts for two or three miles. Now altho an ignis fatuus is no very unusual meteor, yet that it should not onely continue regularly for two months together, but also fire hay and corn and buyldings, is not that I know of recorded by any historian or philosopher. The effect ARCH. CAMB., THIRD SERIES, VOL. V. Y