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Irrjielngia Camtottsk THIRD SERIES, No. II.—APRIL, 1855. MONA MEDI^EVA. No. XVI. LLANFAES FRIARY. In this parish there are the slender remains of a conventual House of Franciscans, about a mile from Beaumaris, towards the east, standing close by the sea-shore, in one of the loveliest situations to be found within the Isle of Anglesey. It is commonly known as the " Fryars," and is the seat of the Williams family, belonging to Sir Richard Williams Bulkeley, Bart., M.P., whose ancestors have held it for many generations. History of the Monastery.—Few events have been preserved in historical accounts to attach much interest to this small religious house. It was founded by Llewelyn ap Iorwerth, as will be seen below, before the conquest of Wales by Edward I., and therefore, before the castle and town of Beaumaris existed. It is, indeed, a curious cir¬ cumstance that two religious houses, such as this and Penmon, should be placed in such close proximity to each other; for, besides them, there were only two other esta¬ blishments of regular clergy in Anglesey,—at Llanddwyn and Holyhead,—if, indeed, they were not held by secular, rather than regular, priests. We are not informed of the circumstances that led to the selection of this spot, or of ARCH. CAMB., THIRD SERIES, VOL. I. L