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_______v/ THIRD SERIES, No. I.—JANUARY, 1855. INTRODUCTION. In commencing a Third Series of the Archceologia Cam- brensis, the President and Committee of the Cambrian Archaeological Association are desirous of explaining to Members that, while the principles and objects of the Society and its Journal remain unchanged, anxious en¬ deavours have been made, and proper steps taken, for increasing the extent, the influence, and the efficiency both of the Association and of its official organ. By the earnest exertions, and untiring liberality, of its most active Members, the ranks of the Association have received a large addition of Members since the Meeting at Ruthin; and means have been placed at the disposal of the Committee, for the continued publication, and for the more ample illustration, of the Archceologia Cambrensis, on a scale worthy of the Association, and of the time-honoured Remains which it ever seeks to study and to preserve. In consequence, too, of the increased ardour for archaeological pursuits, and of the more scien¬ tific spirit in which researches are now carried on, not only are the communications made to the Committee, from all quarters, greatly increased in number, but they ARCH. CAMB., THIRD SERIES, VOL. I. B