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;|Mta0l00ia €umbwmn. FIFTH SEMES.—VOL. V, NO. XIX. JULY 1888. NOTES ON A ROMAN STEELYARD AND OTHER OBJECTS FOUND AT STRETTON GRANDISON, HEREFORDSHIRE. BY J. ROMILLY ALLEN, ESQ., F.S.A. SCOT. The Editors of the Archceologia Cambrensis are very much indebted to Mrs. Glirm of The Steppes, Eigne, near Hereford, for kindly allowing the late Mr. Philip Ballard's beautiful drawings of Roman antiquities found in the neighbourhood of Stretton Grandison to be en¬ graved by Mr. Worthington G. Smith, and thus afford¬ ing the members of the Association an opportunity of judging of the great interest attaching to the discovery. Mr. Ballard's untimely death is fresh in the minds of most of us, and regret for his loss, and sympathy for his bereaved relatives, are mingled with feelings of satisfaction at the knowledge that the men by whom he was so cruelly murdered in his bed have received the just reward of their misdeeds, having been hanged at Hereford last March. The late Mr. Ballard was engaged as Engineer on the construction of the Herefordshire and Gloucester¬ shire Canal, and the objects engraved on the Plate opposite, consisting of a steelyard of Roman manufac- 5th ser., vol. v. 14