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arctjawlogia Cam&renstsu No. XIIL—JANUARY, 1849. RHYL MSS.—CELTIC ANTIQUITIES. No. II. Cromlech, Clynnoft Fawr, Caernarvonshire. Clynnog Fawr.—A curious cromlech upon a rising ground in a farm calPd Bachwen, with near a hundred shallow cavi¬ ties running in oblique but almost parallel lines along its surface, three much larger than the rest in a triangular position; it is supported by four strong bearers; and in length 4 cubits, in breadth 3; its inclination towards the setting sun.1 The ruins of a large carnedd & 2 small ones 1 The above engraving is from a drawing most kindly made for us by ARCH^OL. CAMB. VOL. IV.] B