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228 VALLE CRUCIS ABBEY. lowing letters, E and S. It is just as though the sculptor had made a thin stroke first, next a broader one, and had then forgotten to chip out the spaces between them, Had, moreover, the round part of the h been intended for a c re¬ versed (o), it would have been as high as the rest of the letters, instead of being only half as high. Moreover, the inscription itself contains another h. of the same form (in the word hANC), as well as several c's of the full size and Ro¬ man shape. " I have no doubt of this inscription being of the Norman period. You will find it correspond in many respects with the legends of the Bayeux tapestry; and, if such is the case, it will be a reproach to Welsh Historians if we are not to be able to determine and recognize either the king, ewini, or the founder of the church wledermat odelev, who must of course have been a man of note. " The locality of this stone is one of the most picturesque I ever saw; and it deserves a visit from all lovers of the beau¬ tiful, as well as of the antique." J. 0. Westwood. VALLE CRUCIS ABBEY. [Additional Document, a.d. 1247, communicated by "W. W. E. Wynne Esq., FROM A COPY IN THE POSSESSION OF SlR ROBERT WlLLIAMES VAUGHAN, BART.] Omnibus Xpi fidelibus presentes literas visuris vel audituris Grifi- nus, Maredut, Howellus, Madocus filii madoci, et Ernni films Grimni salutem in domino. Noverit universitas vestra quod con- troversia oborta inter filios Yvaf filii maredut ex una parte & abbatem & conventum de valle crucis ex parte altera super terminis inter crevauc & alhdkenbeber tali mode est sopita. Ita videlicet quod permissione utriusque partis in nos compr........... Nobis vero conferentibus adinvicem super hac causa provisum est quod crevauc in terminis suis meloribus (sic) & amplioribus sicut dominus madocus Alius.........donavit predictis monachis de valle crucis comuni consideracione nostra & aliorum virorum ex sententia in perpetuum adjudicavimus. No......., . . . partes finaliter habende & tenende providimus quod predicti monachi quinque libras argenti vel earundem valorem memoratis filiis Yvaf sicut.........reformata est coram nobis Cvenit (sic) inter eos persolverent. Ita dumtaxat quod sepedicti filii Yvaf pro se &