litjfplflgiu Cirarbrimsk NEW SERIES, No. XIL—OCTOBER, 1852. THE POEMS OF TALIESIN. No. VI. A SONG TO GWALLAWG AB LLEENAWG. In the Myvyrain Archaiology there are two poems ad¬ dressed to this chieftain, and both appear to carry with them all the marks of ancient compositions. They are not expressly attributed to Taliesin more than to some other bard; nor is there any direct internal evidence to connect him with them : but they relate to events which took place during his lifetime. The hero is well known in Cambrian annals; and though in his earlier years he seems to have lived in the north of England, he appears to have spent much of the latter part of his life within the boundaries of the Principality. Gwallawg was some¬ times the ally, and at other times the opponent, of Urien; he must therefore have been well enough known to our bard ; and, as there is no other. claimant for the verses, the balance of probability is in his favour. I shall there¬ fore assume them to be the productions of Taliesin; and, as far as the evidence of style and composition may be depended upon in such cases, I shall be fully justified in so doing. The biography of our hero will be given hereafter; but here we may notice an error in connexion with this chieftain into which Camden appears to have fallen. At ARCH. CAMB., NEW SERIES, VOL. III. 2 I