IrrjjrMflugifl Camiiwitak NEW SERIES, No. XI.—JULY, 1852. ON THE ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUITIES OF SOUTH PEMBROKESHIRE. (Read at Tenby.) I have acceded with especial pleasure to the request that I should prepare for the present meeting some account of the highly important architectural antiquities of the district in which we are met, as I would venture to consider it as stamping the approval of the Association upon my previous undertakings of a similar nature. Two years ago, at the time of the Cardiff Meeting, I first commenced an examination into the ancient build¬ ings of Wales, in a paper on the Antiquities of Gower, which I have since followed up in the pages of the Archceologia Cambrensis, by a series on those of Mon¬ mouthshire. With all these I should wish my present remarks to be taken in close connexion, as I regard them as detached portions of one subject; as contributions to a great whole, the crude idea of which has occasionally floated through my mind, and which the successive meetings of this Association may possibly in time enable me to accomplish, a connected treatise on the ancient architecture of the Principality, or at least of its southern counties. As far as my inquiries have at present gone, I should ARCH. CAMB., NEW SERIES, VOL. III. Y