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$rrf)aeolosta Camftrensis* No. VI.—APRIL, 1847. CROMLECH ON MYNYDD CEFN AMMWLCH, CAERNARVONSHIRE. The above is a sketch of the cromlech, which is situated on Mynydd Cefn Ammwlch, (the Mountain near the Pass,) in the promontory of Llyn, in the county of Caernarvon. This interesting relic consists of one large stone supported by three others, two under the extreme north side, and one under the south. The groupe goes by the name of " Coiten Arthur," (Arthur's Quoit,) from a tradition that Arthur Gawr, (Arthur the Giant,) cast it from Cam Madryn, a mountain a few miles off, and that his wife brought the other three stones in her apron, and placed them as sup¬ porters or props to the Coiten. It is a curious coincidence that at Stanton Drew, in the hundred of Keynsham, in Somersetshire, where there are extensive Druidical remains, ARCHjEOL. CAMB. VOL. II. 0