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grtfmeolosia Camfr«iwte* No. V.—JANUARY, 1847. CROMLECH AT BRYN CELLI DDU, ANGLESEY. This is one of the most interesting remains of the kind still extant within the isle of Anglesey; not only on account of its size and form, but also for its antiquarian history, and its preservation. It is situated on the form of Bryn Celli ddu, belonging to the Marquis of Anglesey, not a great way from Plas Gwyn, the seat of C. Evans, Esq., of Hen Bias, and now stands in the middle of an open field near the farm¬ house. A most gratifying circumstance connected with it, and which may be mentioned at once, is, that Mr. Evans, fully aware of its value as a Celtic monument, has given