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IrrjjJBlngiit CamhrMtgia. NEW SERIES, No. I.—JANUARY, 1850. DRUIDIC STONES. No. I. The object of this Paper is simply to furnish the reader of the Archceologia Cambrensis with a digest of the Bardic traditions, with a few passing observations, in reference to the ancient monuments of the Druids, under the impression that they will thus conduce to the better elucidation of points on which antiquaries are too fre¬ quently divided in opinion. THE CIRCLE. Its site.—"The Voice Conventional of the Bards of the Isle of Britain," said to have been extracted from Meyryg of Glamorgan's book, in the sixteenth century, and recently published by the Welsh MSS. Society, thus directs:—" A Gorsedd of the Bards of the Isle of Britain must be held in a conspicuous place, in full view and hearing of country and aristocracy, and in the face of the sun, and in the eye of light; it being unlawful to hold such meetings either under cover, at night, or under any circumstances otherwise than while the sun shall be visible in the sky : or, as otherwise expressed,—a Chair and Gorsedd of the British Bards shall be held conspicu¬ ously, in the face of the sun, in the eye of light, and ARCH. CAMB., NEW SERIES, VOL. I. B