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Cambrian ^rtjjatologital %mtMm. HAVERFORDWEST MEETING.—1864. •Presttettt. J. H. SCOURFIELD, Esq., M.P. The Eighteenth Annual Meeting, held at Haverfordwest, commenced on Monday, August 22, 1864. Active preparations had been previously made by the Rev. J. Tombs and a numerous and influential Local Committee, consisting of the following gentlemen :— ADMIEAL JOHN LOET STOKES, Chairman. The Reverend Sir W. Dunbar, Bart., Walwyn's Castle The Eeverend Sir Erasmus G. Williams, Bart., St. David's Charles Allen, Esq., Tenby Eev. James Allen, M.A., Castlemartin James B. Bowen, Esq., Llwyngwair James Bowen, Esq., Haverfordwest James D. Brown, Esq., Haverfordwest The Ven. Archdeacon Clark, M.A., Tenby Eev. H.C. D.Chandler,B.A., Narberth John Colby, Esq., Ffynnonau Col. Arthur Saunders Davies, Pentre E. Pavin Davies, Esq., Eidgway Geo. Jordan Harries, Esq., Priskilly John Harvey, Esq., Haverfordwest W. Y. James, Esq., Haverfordwest Eev. E. Lewis, M.A., Lampeter Velfry E. Taylor Massey, Esq., Cottesmore Henry Mathias, Esq., Haverfordwest Lewis Mathias, Esq., Lamphey Court The Mayor of Haverfordwest The Mayor of Pembroke The Mayor of Tenby Eev. S. O. Meares, B. A., Haverfordwest John Lloyd Morgan, Esq., M.D., Ha¬ verfordwest William Owen, Esq., Haverfordwest Lieut.-Col. Xavier Peel, Denant Eev. J. H. A. Philipps, M.A., Picton Castle J. B. Lloyd Philipps, Esq., Pentyparc Eev. James Philipps, B.A., Wis'ton E. Picton Phillips, Esq., Haverford¬ west John Pavin Phillips, Esq., Haverford¬ west John Wm. Phillips, Esq., Haverford¬ west Eev. W. D. Phillips, M.A., Cronwear J. Sogers Powell, Esq., Haverford¬ west Charles Prust, Esq., Haverfordwest John D. Eoberts, Esq., Milford Thomas Eoberts, Esq., Milford Nicholas A. Eoch, Esq., Paskeston George Eowe, Esq., Haverfordwest Thos. Eowlands, Esq., Haverfordwest Baron Frederick de Eutzen, Slebech Mark A. Saurin, Esq., Orielton John Stokes, Esq., Cuffern James B. Summers, Esq., Eosemore J. Maule Sutton, Esq., M.D., Narberth Eev. Jackson Taylor, M.A., Ereystrop Eev. Jas. Thomas,M. A., Haverfordwest Eev. W. B. Thomas, M.A., Canon of St. David's Eev. Joseph Tombs, B.A., Burton Eectory Eev. Henry Vincent, M.A., St. Dog- mael's Eocal treasurer. John William Phillips, Esq., Haverfordwest. 3Local Swretarg. Eev. J. Tombs, B.A., Burton, Haverfordwest. Curators of tfje lineal Museum. Mr. Jesse Harvey; Mr. Eichard James; Mr. Thomas J. White • and the Secretaries. ©fitce for JMetmce. Mr. Edward J. Potter, Library, High Street.