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%n1xMttltt$fa €nwlrm%m. THIRD SEMES, No. XL.—OCTOBER, 1864. MANSELL EVIDENCES. THE DESCENT FROM SCURLAGE. The Mansells of Oxwich possessed, and their represent¬ atives still possess, the manor of Scurlage Castle in Gower, and quartered the arms of that family, but it is believed that sound documentary evidence of the descent by which they acquired it has not hitherto been pro¬ duced. Such evidence seems to be contained within the following inquisition, transcribed from the original parchment now preserved in the Public Record Office in London; and for this and other reasons it seems worthy of a place in the pages of the Archceologia Oam- brensis. COPY OF A RECORD IN THE PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE, ENTITLED "WALLIA. MISCELLANEOUS BAG, NO. £8." {Late in the Treasury of the Exchequer.) 1 Hen. IV. Inquisicio capta die Lune xv° die Junii a0 regni Regis Hen- rici Quarti primo coram Will'mo Stradlyng Chr' sen' Gower & Joh'e Boner Eschaetore jux'a mandatum D'ni Regis p'dVo WilPo directu' sub sigillo privato in hec v'ba Henri par la grace de Dieu Roy Dengleterre & de France & S'r Dirlande a n're Chier & foyale William Stradlyng sen' de la s'ie de Gower en Southgales esteiant en no' maignes acause du meyndre age de Thomas fil' & heir Thomas de Mowbray nadgaires due d' Norff' & s'r de Gower salu' Nous vo' mandoms q' alesche- tour de la dit s'ie donez en mandement q' par s'ement des prod- 3rd ser., vol. x. 20