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Vol. II.] AUGUST, 1869. [No. 8. THE CARDIFF CONGREGATIONAL MAGAZINE. THE IRISH CHURCH. July 26th, 1869, will be a red letter day in future calendars of the Irish nation. After one of the most memorable struggles on record, the Royal Assent was given, on the above-named day, to the Bill for Disestablishing and Disendowing the Irish Church. It has now become law, and the 1st January, 1871, is fixed as the day for bringing the machinery of this new law into operation. In both Houses of Parliament the greatest ability has been shown in the manner of conducting the debates; and although the House of Lords may be said to have hesitated a great deal as to what it would do with the Bill, it has manifested a spirit which will go far to re-establish the Upper House in the good graces of many people. The work has been accomplished so rapidly, that there is great difficulty in realising the fact that it has been accomplished. With the advance of time, however, and as the changes for which it provides begin to manifest themselves, there will be a corresponding growth of opinion as to the magnitude of that which the present Ministry has effected. This Act of Parliament will stand as a monument to future generations of what the singleness of purpose and earnestness of one man may accomplish. The Liberal party have now before them a glo¬ rious career, if they will but carefully apply themselves to the develop¬ ment of their own distinctive principles, and the application of those principles to the growing interests of what Mr. Disraeli has designated " a wise and understanding people." THE CONDITIONS OF A TRUE UNDERSTANDING OF SCRIPTURE. I shall not attempt anything like a finished essay upon this important subject, but shall only throw out a few hints that may help us to right views respecting it.